Wedding centerpieces for spring 2016

Centerpieces have an important role in all wedding receptions. They serve a decorative purpose and tie the room together. Wedding centerpieces can be made of flowers, candles, fruit and even candy. They are always in style with the rest of the decorations, such as bridal bouquets, and must not be too big. If you read our Wedding bouquets trends for spring 2016 you know what is popular this season. In this article you will find out how to follow those trends with your centerpieces.

Glass terrariums as centerpieces

Plant terrariums make lovely centerpieces

Plant terrariums make lovely centerpieces

Glass terrariums come in different shapes and sizes which means you will be able to find a perfect look for your wedding. You can purchase glass terrariums at most florists but if you are planning a small wedding and only need a few, you can make them yourself.

You need a glass container of your choosing, soil and plants. You can buy special containers for terrariums or use what you have. Consider Clear glass cloches, vases, bowl, mason and apothecary jars and water pitchers. Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry the containers you choose.

Once you have your containers you will need some pebbles for drainage and soil for the plants. You can use ordinary pebbles or you can get colored ones to liven your terrarium. Put about an inch of the pebbles on the bottom and cover them with a thin layer of sand. On the top put an inch of soil for green plants.

Now the fun part starts. You need to pick out the plants and start landscaping. For this spring you should consider moss, small ferns, dark green ivy, different vines and some small twisted branches. Keep in mind that you need to match your centerpieces with your wedding bouquet. That doesn’t mean you have to use exact same flowers or that all centerpieces have to be the same. But they should match.

Centerpieces for long tables

2016 spring trends are perfect for receptions with long tables. Usually long tables present a challenge because most centerpieces are round and you end up with a lot of empty spots. But this year it’s all taken care of. Using the wild woodland style you will be able to decorate your tables beautifully without taking up too much room.

You can start with a long ribbon in the middle of the table, stretching from one end to another. Place glass terrariums on that ribbon and space them evenly. Connect the terrariums using unusual looking branches (such as corkscrew hazel) and green foliage. Green ivy works the best in these kinds of settings. Don’t forget to add some color to liven the centerpiece a bit. Any flower that is currently blooming will do nicely but the best would be to use the same flowers as in your wedding bouquet.

If the table isn’t too long, you have another option. You can create a gorgeous mini green garden and have it all along the table. The procedure is pretty much the same as for making glass terrarium, except for the container. You need to use one that is long enough or at least as long as possible. You can visit your local gardening supplies store and find something suitable there. Or, if you can afford it, you can order a glass container that is long enough to host your terrarium.

Keep in mind that your chosen centerpieces have to be small enough for your guests to see each other. When staying on trend and using unusual vines and interesting branches don’t forget to arrange them in a cascading manner. You don’t want them sticking up and poking someone’s eye out!