Wedding bouquets trends for spring 2016

We are almost there! If you are planning a spring wedding in 2016 you are pretty much done. You have the location, the band, the catering and you narrowed your wedding dress choice to top 5. Doing great so far! But what about your bridal bouquet? Will it be perfect and trendy or are you stuck in the past? Follow these wedding bouquets trends for spring 2016 and be the talk of the season.

Show your wild side


Loose spring wedding bouquet

Loose wedding bouquet

Remember the tight, neat, ball-shaped wedding bouquets? Forget them, they are out! Perhaps they will come back in the fall, but those kind of bouquets are definitely not the spring 2016 trend. This season your bouquet should truly try to capture the natural look of a blossoming meadow. Stay away from the neatly organized flowerbed look.

Spring wedding bouquets should be loose, organic and disorganized. The more “freshly picked up from a meadow” look the better. You can decide for a wide bouquet or for a cascading one. Either way, make sure flowers are of different lengths and not too bunched up together. Using green foliage and some unusual vines will help you achieve the perfect effect.

Combine seasonal blooms with a woodland aesthetic

You have two possibilities for the main pieces of your wedding bouquet. You can go with the everlasting classics such as calla lilies which will never go out of style. Another option for your spring wedding is choosing seasonal blooms. Where ever you’re from, go with the flowers that are blooming at the time. Daffodils, tulips, lilac and azaleas are just a few of spring flowers that would look fabulous in your bridal bouquet.

Corkscrew hazel branches fow wedding bouquets

Corkscrew hazel branches

No matter which flowers you decide to have in your bouquet, don’t forget to add some woodland touch. Think about unusual looking vines, arching branches and cascading foliage to tie your bouquet together. A perfect example would be branches of a Corkscrew Hazel. Its twisted and spiraling branches will liven any bridal bouquet. If you decide for green foliage, different ferns or dark green ivy are your best bets. Both look lovely when combined with vibrant flowers and darker branches.

Keep in mind that which foliage you pick for your bouquet you should pick for the backdrop as well. Fully flower walls and wedding arches are a thing of the past. Create a stunning ceremony site with a clever use of vines, branches and green foliage. Don’t forget to use this backdrop for your wedding photos as well.