Roses meaning – what does each color mean?

Mixed roses meaning

Mixed roses can convey a lot of emotions

Despite their thorny side, roses are considered the most romantic of all flowers. Their beautiful blossoms and enticing aroma are the reason they are the most popular Valentine’s gift. All roses symbolize love, beauty, honor, faith and sensuality. Since roses come in so many different colors, there are more meanings depending on the chosen color. Keep reading and find the meaning for every different rose color. That way you will always know which color to choose for which occasion.

Red roses meaning

Red roses express deep emotions; be it longing, desire or – most often – love. They can even convey respect, devotion or admiration. If you wish to express sorrow or a heartfelt regret use a deep red rose. The hue isn’t the only important thing about red roses – their number is also important. For example, 12 red roses mean “I love you” and “Be mine”.

White roses meaning

The meaning of white roses is pretty much the same as the meaning of all white flowers – innocence and purity. They also symbolize new beginnings which makes them perfect for a wedding bouquet. White roses can also convey humility or sympathy and indicate spirituality.

Yellow roses meaning

Yellow roses are the best choice when you want to express friendship and caring. Sunshine yellow roses show joy, warmth and exuberance. You can give someone a yellow rose without expressing any romantic feelings. It’s the save choice to convey platonic emotions of friendship.

Pink roses meaning

All pink roses convey elegance, grace and admiration. However there are some differences between light and dark pink roses. Light pink roses mean sweetness and innocence. Dark pink roses express deep gratitude and appreciation. If you wish to express gentle emotions, you can’t go wrong with a pink rose.

Orange roses meaning

While yellow roses represent the sun, orange roses symbolize a fiery blaze. They express passion and energy. Orange roses are the only rivals of red roses when it comes to passion and romance. Orange roses are perfect to express pride, fervor and intense desire.

Lavender roses meaning

In general, a lavender rose expresses fascination, adoration and enchantment. A light lavender rose conveys love at first sight. A dark lavender (almost purple) rose expresses splendor and a sense of regal majesty.

Blue roses meaning

Perfectly blue roses are still just as elusive as perfectly black roses. They can’t be grown naturally and that is why they’re associated with mysterious and unattainable. That is why they are most often used to say: “I know I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Mixed roses meaning

If you know what each color means you can mix them and create a bouquet of emotions. You could express an entire poem with just a bouquet of roses. For example, you could give your first crush a bouquet of pink and white roses. That way you will convey your gentle emotions of love and pure intentions. If you’re not sure how you feel about someone but know you like them enough to give them roses, give them a random mix of roses. Just make sure you don’t include the black ones – black roses indicate a death of a relationship.