Myrtle plant

Royal wedding bouquets myrtle myth

While it is true that British royal brides have a spring of myrtle in their wedding bouquets, the origin of this is slightly mixed up. There are a few different stories and it’s time we get things straight. Which means the myrtle tradition does NOT come from Queen Victoria’s wedding […]

Mixed roses meaning

Roses meaning – what does each color mean?

Despite their thorny side, roses are considered the most romantic of all flowers. Their beautiful blossoms and enticing aroma are the reason they are the most popular Valentine’s gift. All roses symbolize love, beauty, honor, faith and sensuality. Since roses come in so many different colors, there are more meanings […]

Plant terrariums make lovely centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces for spring 2016

Centerpieces have an important role in all wedding receptions. They serve a decorative purpose and tie the room together. Wedding centerpieces can be made of flowers, candles, fruit and even candy. They are always in style with the rest of the decorations, such as bridal bouquets, and must not be […]

Loose spring wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquets trends for spring 2016

We are almost there! If you are planning a spring wedding in 2016 you are pretty much done. You have the location, the band, the catering and you narrowed your wedding dress choice to top 5. Doing great so far! But what about your bridal bouquet? Will it be perfect […]

White calla lily

Calla lily and its meaning

Calla lily is also known as pig lily, trumpet lily and arum lily. With all those names you would be surprised that calla lilies are not really lilies. Swedish botanist made a mistake when naming the species in 1700s. The error was later corrected but the name stuck. This gorgeous […]

Olive branches were woven in wedding crowns and garlands

Wedding flowers in ancient Greek and Roman traditions

Ancient Greek wedding flowers Flowers have always been an important part of every Greek tradition, celebration and special occasion. Weddings were no different. However, ancient Greeks were not using wedding bouquets. Instead, the bride and groom wore garlands which symbolized new life, hope and fertility. Another important part in the […]